Auto Accidents

Owasso Auto Accident Attorney

Auto accidents resulting in personal injuries are a daily occurrence in Tulsa, Owasso and the surrounding communities.  The population around Tulsa and Owasso has almost double in the last 10 years and with more people comes more vehicles on the road.  Unfortunately, there are bad drivers who simply don’t pay attention while operating their vehicles.  Even careful drivers may not be able to avoid accidents.

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, there are lots of questions asked and issues to be addressed.  Do you call law enforcement?  Do you exchange insurance information?  Do you contact your own insurance company?  What about the damage to my car?  What about a rental?  Should I go to the hospital?  What if I miss work?  Can I use my personal healthcare insurance?

We can help you recover financial compensation for your injuries, including money for hospital and doctor bills, lost income, future medicals and the stress associated with your damages.  We can also provide assistance for your wrecked vehicle.  J.M. Dennis & Associates have obtained excellent results for many automobile accident victims with a wide variety of serious and catastrophic injuries.

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